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BUDGET SEAL: Resin injection seal of inner shower,  antifulngal shower screen reseal, penetrating grout and tile sealer, tap service, 5 yr warranty - $330

STANDARD SEAL: Resin injection seal of inner and outer shower area, full regrout(including outer hob) and penetrating grout sealer, antifungal shower screen reseal, tap service, 12 yr warranty $440

DELUXE SEAL: Standard seal shower area, resin injection of bathroom floor perimeter, bathtub re-seal and regrout, silicone seal of vanity unit. Includes tap service of vanity taps and bathtub - Prices starting from $660 (subject to quote / site inspection)


waterproofing bathrooms


planter pots and concrete roofs
regouting and bathroom rejuvination work
bathroom retiling and renovations
Leaking balcony repairs

Sydney Wide Showers incorporates our 0.6mm 'Diamond Channel' and Exclusive 'Resin injection system' to repair your leaking shower or balcony without removing tiles. No more mess, no more fuss.

The benefits of our system opposed to some of our competitors are:

  • If we promise a tap service, we will do the tap service.
  • If we promise a grout sealer or "barrier" we will actually use it.
  • If we promise to re-grout we will re-grout, NOT just re-clean!
  • We will always re-grout and seal your outer hob and screen as well, not just the inner shower!
  • We will never use your vanity to wash our tools.
  • We will never fill loose tiles with our product and hope for the best, unlike many other companies.
  • We will always seal inside the waste outlet.

We will always always use polyurethane waterproof membrane for re-tiling, abiding by Australian
standards, then do a 'double seal' resin injection. Not just re-seal alone


Are you in the Northern Beaches??

We only use and recommend Michael at Affordable Shower Repairs, your local Northern Beaches shower repair professional.

Give Michael a call on 1300 133 740 or log on to

We know Michael is reliable, affordable and honest and is the only company we recommend for your area. We are happy to attend Northern Beaches for balconies and other waterproofing work.

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